Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marshall Was Never That Good

Via The Mountain Top, it turns out that Marshall and former head coach Bob Pruitt weren't exactly playing above the table in their "glory years." Let me put that another way. I mean, we all knew they were not doing anything by the book. I'm sure the pressure to win moving from 1-AA to 1-A was incredible. But that doesn't mean I can't laugh and point my finger at them. I'm sure no team in the country is 100% clean. If you're not cheating, you're not trying. Right? But this holds a special place in my heart because of several Herd fans that are friends that have gone on and on about this team for really no good reason I can think of other than to be annoying as shit.
Former Marshall player Sam Goines alleged in his affidavit that during time
he did not qualify for a scholarship under Proposition 48, he and “props” Alonzo
Jones, Ralph Street, Kenny Lytle, and Jerome Smith were assigned $25 per hour
“janitorial “ jobs at Chapman Printing and car washing at Fish & Bates
Motors. “We were instructed by the coaching staff (Coach Ralph May in
particular) that we should not talk about the Job(s) or tell anyone about the
job and keep it in the football family. During my senior year, I was suspended
for four games for working at Chapman Printing during my Prop 48 year… in order
to restore my eligibility I was told to sign a statement indicating I had made
$12.50 per hour. The statements were signed at a meeting in Pruett’s office
under Pruett’s direction.”

If Pruitt isn't punished, even a little bit by the NCAA then there is no God. Just as Reggie Bush should be punished and not USC, unless it can be proven that they had knowledge. Pruitt needs to be held accountable. As the head coach, he apparently knew and approved of the violations. You can place some blame on the school. But his Coal Bowl propping ass needs to bear the brunt.

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