Friday, September 12, 2008

Big East Needs Some Puppy Uppers

When I think Puppy uppers, I think Les Savy Fav. Just a fun band to see live if you never have. Anyway, last night saw the Big East go from bad to worse in Rutgers loss to UNC. I'm not blaming Rutgers, because it's a big shit sandwich and we all had a hand in making it. From my mostly sober vantage point, it looked like Rutgers could have thrown the ball over the middle all night long if they wanted. But then the interceptions started piling up and the quicksand sucked them down.

Hey Bulls! We would really like it if you didn't suck tonight. M'kay?

Nice series on Orange 44 about Ernie Davis. Go read it now!

We'll be getting together with Ralphie Report next week to do some Q&A stuff about next weeks game. More on that later.

Again, South Florida, don't be intimidated by the meatnormous one. He's big, but he's slow. You can take him!!!! God, please don't blow this!!!

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