Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Honestly, we as a fan base have become so spoiled with success that anything less than dominating victories is considered a loss. Outside of South Florida, over the last three years we've been able to point at the scoreboard to anyone that had anything negative to say about WVU. And that was the end of the discussion.

But now, things are obviously different. The defense? I knew it wouldn't be nearly as good as previous years. But I had no idea the offense would be so bad. How could anyone? With all five starters back on the line, and Pat White and Noel Devine in the backfield it would seem any idiot could conjure up 30 points a game. Maybe that's true, and maybe that's our problem. We may need better idiots! But whether he's the man for the future of WVU football or just a bump in the road, I think calling for Bill Stewart's head already is premature and immature. Include myself in that statement. The anger is understandable (insert your own link), as well as the taunting. We had that coming.

If this is a test of our ability to withstand the storm, we've failed miserably. Life is unfair and all that shit, but it still ain't so bad. I mean look at the fine blogs for Syracuse! Believe me, I don't bring that up to debase them in any way. In fact, I say it as a point of respect. These folks have it a lot worse than I can ever remember WVU football being. But at least the ones you see on the sidebar of this site have all made a contribution to the enjoyment of college football for me. Sure they all take shots at their team and coach, but you never get the feeling that the world is going to end. Nothing close to what we've seen out of Mountaineer fans over the last couple weeks.

So, what to take away from this? Be a good fan in good times and bad for starters. In the same way a recruit should always go to a school because of what the school has to offer them, not the coach, cheer for your school. Be the kind of fan that kids are going to want to play for. Not the kind of fan that jumps ship at the first sign of danger. High expectations are a good thing. But like I've said many times before, if you put too much hope in anything it will let you down.

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