Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Week 1 Blogpoll is a Fluid Situation

Feel the Flow

There's nothing like preseason expectations cast into a pit of eternal fire. I don't know, I guess the most movement should be week one and then the big upsets in...oh....week five that change everything again. No that we know who everyone is after week one, but the surprises should be less frequent. Having said that, come back next week when I'll be reversing the order of the entire poll.

1 Southern Cal 2
2 Georgia 1
3 Ohio State 1
4 LSU 1
5 Florida 1
6 Missouri --
7 Oklahoma --
8 Auburn 1
9 West Virginia 1
10 Texas Tech 1
11 Texas 2
12 South Florida --
13 Wisconsin 3
14 Alabama 5
15 Kansas 1
16 Oregon 10
17 Brigham Young 2
18 Arizona State --
19 Penn State 3
20 Wake Forest 3
21 Illinois 1
22 Fresno State 2
23 Utah 3
24 East Carolina 2
25 UCLA 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#8), Virginia Tech (#17), Tennessee (#21), Pittsburgh (#25).

1. Southern Cal
- This is what I was thinking last week, "This team is every bit as talented as anyone in the country, but with only 13 starters returning I don't think they'll gel in time to beat Ohio St." Pete Carroll, you magnificent bastard I give you a golf clap.

2. Georgia- I think that since the game was 38-0 late in the third quarter, it's probably good enough. Not as impressive as USC's performance, but good enough to think they are going to be what I thought.

3. tOSU- The loss of Wells would be devastating, but I think he'll be back by the SC game. I hate to admit they are really good, but they are.

4. LSU's bakery item was more impressive than....

5. Florida-

6. Missouri- Lots of points, but lots of points for Illinois. Winning shootouts isn't a bad thing either. I mean, ya won didn't ya?

7. Oklahoma- I watched some of the 1982 West Virginia-Oklahoma game, and the Mountaineers looked better that time as well. But this is this year, and the Sooners destroyed their opponent by 50-0 at halftime. So.....

8. Auburn- The artist formerly known as Clemson got revenge for the state of Alabama in not too spectacular of form. The thing is, I think that defense is going to be special. It'll have to be until the offense catches up.

9. West Virginia- By moving them up a notch, I should probably explain that since I haven't been much of a homer lately. Looking at the drive chart, West Virginia scored on seven of their 11 drives. Taking out the fumble recovery by Morty Ivy. The average time WV had the ball was 2:16. So I find it a little harder to hold that against the defense. It doesn't mean the defense played poorly. It means they were back on the field so fast sometimes that they didn't have much time to communicate adjustments to formations that Villanova hadn't used in a game before. Things got better as three of the first four drives by Villanova were 4:46 or longer. After the half when some adjustments could be made, the defense was able to hold for just two drives that lasted longer than 3:00 before the garbage time TD at the end of the game. So it's not the complete disaster I've been calling it lately. And Villanova does not stink.

10. Texas Tech- Arrrr! That acupuncture must work wonders on cupcakes. Ho hum 500+ yards passing day in Lubbock.

11. Texas- Someone got their words shoved down their throat in this game, and it wasn't Texas.

12. South Florida- No movement. Not much to say until they play someone.

13. Wisconsin-

14. Alabama- Yup, that was a fun game to watch. Hating the ACC in anyway I can. I wonder just how good Clemson was. It doesn't matter now, their confidence is probably about as low as whale shit right now.

15. Kansas- I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with South Florida in a couple weeks. The fat man will melt.

16-25 don't get blurbs as much as they get their name in the phone book. If Missouri is #6, Illinois is 21. I hope ECU doesn't stay there very long but I like their moxy, and we'll take UCLA and the points for this week at least.

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