Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Coal Tattoo Uses a Different Picture

And we use this picture because Black Heart Gold Pants is all grows up now. While celebrating their 1st birthday, they have asked several blogs to comment on what BHGP means to them. My response is here. And if it sounds like I'm being too nice, it's because they really are that good. Congrats, fellas!

Yup, WVU's defense needs to get off the field with better play on third down. I threw out my excuse for why they allowed so many yards against Villanova. It explains a little bit, but still the Mountaineers will need a better performance this week to win.

If anyone deserves to lose their BCS status, it's the ACC. While the Big East had a bad week, the ACC has had a bad century so far.

Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just telling you what The Trev thinks. I hope Stew shows the video to the team every day before practice.

Just in case your wondering how Colorado is preparing for West Virginia. They might ask to have a 7 on 7 drill before it's all over.

If your cock is Smelly, you might play for South Carolina.

Time to get to work. Enjoy your Thursday night defensive struggle.

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