Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 5 Blogpoll Ballot

We're doing something a little different with the Blogpoll for the rest of the year. I'll put out a preliminary ballot Monday by 10 am, and a final before 10 am on Wednesday. I'll hold off on saying more until there is more to say and point to and link up with and stuff. As always, if you want to rip me a new one over this to help me get the ballot more in line with sanity, that'd be great.

1Alabama 5
2Oklahoma 1
3LSU 2
4Missouri 3
5Penn State 6
6Texas 2
7Texas Tech 2
8Southern Cal 7
9Brigham Young 3
10Georgia 6
11Florida 9
12South Florida 3
13Utah 6
14Ohio State 3
15Kansas 1
16Michigan State 2
17Boise State 5
18Vanderbilt 5
19Virginia Tech 2
20Auburn 7
21Oklahoma State 5
22Wisconsin 8
23Fresno State 2
24North Carolina 2
25Mississippi 1

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#10), East Carolina (#20), Clemson (#24).
Alabama is easy to put at #1. They've done it against better competition than anyone else to this point. Oklahoma might not be so slow after all. I hate to think that that is the same team WV killed last year, but maybe they weren't into anything less than a title shot. I feel like LSU is living on borrowed time. Like something bad is going to happen to them, or more importantly, their quarterbacks. They've been solid, but not spectacular. So they move up for now. I think Missouri is going to run into a buzz saw against a competent offense. They might be able to out score every team on their schedule, though. SPREAD HD!! SPREAD HD!! Who cares if they haven't played anyone. Maybe this will make it easier for JoPa to step aside.
Skipping down, I find it very hard to put Texas and Texas Tech ahead of USC, Florida, and Georgia. I think it will all wash out in the end, but those three need to be punished for their play this weekend. Yes, Georgia lost to a monster. But still, 31-0 at the half? As I look down the list, it is mostly a lot of teams that have just managed to keep winning. I do want to say hey to Ole Miss. I don't think I've put you in the top 25 before. It might only be a for a week, but welcome aboard. I wrote a song for you, Colonel Reb. I hope you like it!

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