Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looking at Louisville

I did a Q&A earlier with Tom Heiser from the Louisville Courier-Journal. Go give it a read and let me know what ya think. I'll have my questions for Tom up later in the week.

There's lots of praise for both sides going into this game. Coachspeak doesn't tell the story, because both programs should be better, but for one reason or another aren't. Trash talk would be much better, and for that, we have to go to the message boards.

Something that has been fun all year is the opponent look alike threads on Blue-Gold News. And this week doesn't disappoint.

Harry Dunne

Hunter Cantwell

Larry the Cable Guy + Shaggy +

Oh well, I don't see a similar thread on the Louisville board. We like to be fair and balanced, but nothing to go on. And I'm not going to do one for WV. But feel free to do your own or point me to one for the Cards.

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