Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogpoll Roundtable 4.whatever

The latest Blogpoll Roundtable is brought to us by the fine Virginia Tech blog, College Game Balls. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

1. By now everyone has heard that if there is a three way tie in the Big 12 South the highest ranked team in the BCS will play in the Big 12 Championship Game. That means the humans (66% of the BCS Poll) will determine the Big 12 South representative. Let’s assume Oklahoma sinks the pirate ship at home next week. Try to sway the pollsters by arguing which team you think should face off against the Big 12 North.

First off, I would encourage Missouri to forfeit their Big 12 North spot in the title game and let the second ranked team from the South have it. Because everyone wins if we do that. Nothing against Missouri, they are a fine team but if we could watch Oklahoma and Texas again I'm all in. I can't argue one above the other. Great quarterback? Check. Great line play on both sides of the ball? Check. Solid coaching? Check. Close loss on the road is your only blemish? Check (if Tech and Oklahoma is close). I probably like the Sooner defense over the other two, so that's your winner in my book.

2. ESPN is aggressively bidding on the rights to the BCS when Fox’s contract expires after the 2009 season. My half baked theory is if they do win the rights they will push for a +1 system. Lucrative television deals have landed ESPN in bed with each of the BCS conferences. The revenue a playoff would generate could be a huge motivator for the four letter to be the common denominator and unifier among the conferences that finally helps them all to see the light of why a playoff would be good for college football. Help expand upon or debunk this theory.

A plus one could pit #1 against #3 or #4. Like the question above, when they are so close do you really know who #1 and #2 are? That would be a step backwards. I think ESPN is good for college football, though. But if you are going to go playoff, go at least 16 teams, do home games for the higher seeds and get ESPN to pay all travel expenses or the NCAA. I mean, think about the payout for a BCS game, then think about the contract being for $125 million per year. A sixteen team playoff would be gold, Jerry. Schools shouldn't just be breaking even when they go to a big bowl. Make it work for the schools. A playoff system where schools meet at a neutral site sucks for the fans. Sure there's plenty of people that can afford that and are batshit crazy for college football. But the scene at a big home game is awesome and should be worked.

3. Rivalry week is around the corner. How do you think your team will fare? Feel free to talk a little or a lot of trash.

I think both teams will be way up for this game. It means something before it plays out on the field for the first time in a long time. It'll be Pat Whites last chance to audition for Cats.

So, I think we'll see a big night for him and big victory for West Virginia.

4. And now for a little fun… Assemble your dream announcing team. Pick a play-by-play announcer, color commentator, sideline reporter and for the hell of it celebrity guest that drops on by.

Brent Musburger, I like Kirk but I'm not going there. Color Guy-Lou Holtz. I'm serious, tell me he wouldn't make complete sense for five minutes, go off on a tangent for another five, give a motivational speech in between each, and then remind you that Notre Dame is one year away. And you, will think to yourself, "again?" Ray Lewis for sideline reporter. He would be awesome! Celebrity guest? Chris Farley should be the celebrity guest. It would really be awesome!

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