Saturday, November 29, 2008

WVU-Kentucky Liveblogish

First Half

9:00 WVU is up 16-10 and they bring in Tarkanian for an interview. Uncomfortable moment ensues. "I really like the way Bob Huggins team is playing." If anyone else would have said that, I would be cool with it. But coming from him I felt kind of sick. Maybe it's just me.

Just some thoughts from last night and tonight: This is definitely not the same team we saw last year. Almost everyone can take it to the rim, and they are much more physical than any WV team I can remember. But they seem to lack a spark unless they are playing off turnovers. There are obviously still some shooters on the team, but the approach of this years team doesn't look for the three first.

The defense is a nice thing to see. These guys get after it. It should get even better with all the freshmen seeing time.

1:00 Kentucky has started giving West Virginia the jump shot, but the Mountaineers haven't been able to hit them. The pace of the game has definitely slowed. WVU 26-16.

That's your halftime score.

2nd Half

15:00 30-20 West Virginia. This is just ugly basketball.

13:00 West Virginia is fouling way too much and not working the ball around on offense. We're up and should be looking for good shots, but were taking the first girl that looks our way every time. 32-24 WVU

8:00 WVU down 37-36...ugly

6:58 Wellington Smith hits a three to tie the game at 39. Ruoff going cold and taking 2 of the 3.

6:20 Haroldson for Kentucky is killing us with the garbage pickups. Even when he get fouled. 41-39 Kentucky.

5:30 Mazzoula picks up an offensive foul, which is like the millionth o-foul in this game. No wonder the score is so low. 41-41.

4:15 Even though the score is 45-41, it seems like things are getting way out of hand for WVU.

Final Ugh, we just had no offense to draw on down the stretch. Not to take anything away from Kentucky, they played solid defense. We were forced to foul and Kentucky hit their shots. 54-43 UK.

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