Saturday, December 27, 2008

Because We Car Care

Hey, we'll be liveblogging the WVU-UNC game today. We might do the WVU-tOSU basketball game later today. It really all depends, ya know?

We're most likely going to go without Sidney Glover and Brandon Hogan on defense. But we are deep at safety and cornerback, and by this time of the year if you don't know what you are supposed to do there are bigger problems than injuries. I don't expect a drop off because we have a pretty good defensive coordinator in Jeff Casteel. He and the 3-3-5 have taken a lot of crap over the years, but he's really proven himself this year after losing eight starters.

Something that doesn't matter at all but worth mentioning, WVU is 1-5 against Butch Davis and 0-1 against UNC.

We're not into doing a big preview of the game. We'd rather just go with it. But check here, here, and here if you're into that type stuff. Look here, here, and here for the UNC side of things.

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News Review said...

Hope that Hogan’s absence will not hinder the team from winning against North Carolina. GO GO GO WVU!!