Saturday, December 27, 2008

WVU-UNC Liveblogish

The game is about to get underway. Stew is fired up and wants Mountaineer fans to take over the city of Charlotte. We don't quite know what that means, but we just nod our heads and go along to get along. Right? Right!

West Virginia kicks off to start the game. Full house, which is nice for a second tier bowl. Thanks to some timely penalties on the Tar Heels, WVU's D forces a three and out 13:06.

8:56 WVU moves the ball down the field after the punt for a 7-0 lead. It was a good mix of run and pass. We could use a little less high snap, thank you. Jollah and Devine both broke some tackles to turn short gains into big ones. Devine's being a 17 yard TD in which he broke several arm tackles. Let's hope arm tackles are the word for the day!

8:29 Chris Spielman, in a rare goof on the ESPN playbook is complimenting WVU on their speed and focus while pointing out the lack of focus for UNC. And just that quick, Nicks catches a tipped ball and carries a WVU defender into the endzone for a 73 yard TD. 7-7. Shit!

5:11 OMG!!!1! Alric Arnett with a 43 yard beautiful one hand TD catch. Boom Mother F'ers! We could be in for an offensive shootout. 14-7 WVU

4:57 Shit!!!!1! Nicks on one play ties the game up at 14. What was I saying about the defense earlier? Forget I ever said it. Not really, but shit man!!

2:23 Bradley Starks catches a 35 yard bomb from White to put WVU up 21-14. Yeah, we're still in the first quarter. White is 7-7 for 140 yards so far.

1:03 Nicks catches a pass that doesn't go for a TD. The D is stiffening up now, yes? No. UNC is moving the ball just as easily as WVU.

End of First Quarter: WVU 21-14 with UNC on the WV 2 yard line. WVU 180 yards of total offense, and UNC 202. WVU no penalties, UNC 3-31. With everything else looking equal, penalties might tell the tale if WV can keep this up.

2nd Quarter

UNC goes for it on 4th and goal and WVU's number one ranked Red Zone defense comes through again holding UNC on four straight plays from inside the two yard line. And of coulay is being rerse UNC gets the safety on the next play. Shit! 21-16 WVU.

Kickoff coverage is killing WV. No shit, we would be better off onside kicking every time. At least we would have a good shot at getting the ball. UNC couldn't start in any better field position than what they already are. The seem to be starting in WVU territory way too much. Thankfully, UNC is countering this play with drive killing penalties. 3rd and 11 from the WVU 26.

10:37 That Nicks guy scores on an easy pitch and catch. UNC leads 23-21. Shit! It was a nice route, though. Bastard! He's killing us Bill! Get someone on him! Oh, that guy you were going to put on him is out for today's game? OK, keep scoring!

8:54 Mountaineers first punt of the game. Now WVU defense needs to figure this thing out or it could get ugly. We have to keep it close so we can go out in the second half and take the lead if not sooner. But we have to get back in this game. We can't let UNC get a big lead and try to pass our way back into the game. We pass well when the game is close, not when we're behind.

7:21 The D holds and UNC will make their second punt of the game.

2:30 WVU is moving the ball down the field with short plays, just enough for the first down. With 3rd and 3-4 at the UNC 35, that trend needs to continue. Now if we can score to end the half and again to start the second half, the game will be in our hands. Our defense could use the break as well. I've seen quite a few hands on hips on defense.

1:30 Pat White is just out of his mind, passing for 160 yards on 15-17 passing with 2 TDs. I say this because we average 135 yards passing a game. No matter. This is exactly the type of game you want to see him have in his last game.

:52 Of course the next play is an interception! That's the way the karma thing works, right?

End of the Half UNC runs the clock out up 23-21. New post for the second half

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