Thursday, December 11, 2008

ESPN Really Was Annoying

From the "that's what I was thinking" vault. Comment from BGN. I've added the sig picture just because it's Lee Corso not enjoying life.

Re: It was a real honor to play in the Stephy C. Classic
After vomiting for the third time imagining the fellatio Jay Bilas, or whatever the **** his name is, was performing on Curry as midcourt, I learned the hard way that Bball is really not that bad with the mute button on.

Curry is a great player, but when the majority of the comments from the announcers has nothing to do with what is happening on the court and everything to do with continuing the legend of Curry, even though he's not having a very legendary night, you feel kind of put out. Obviously, what WAS happening on the court was not very news worthy. But I think they were so caught up in polishing Curry's knob they couldn't even mention that Johnny West was the son of Jerry West. That little tidbit could have eaten up a few minutes, and would have been of interest to at least a few people.

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