Thursday, December 11, 2008

That WTF Moment Explained

There's an old chant that West Side/Stonewall Jackson folks used to...well...chant in response to East Enders/Charleston High folk that I couldn't reproduce if life depended on it. But I would know it right away and what it meant if I heard it. But I would never use it here, because I'm pretty sure most of you aren't from Charleston, WV. It would leave you far more confused than enlightened.

So that's pretty much what Bill Stewart did when he ended his press conference after the WVU-USF game. But here's the explanation if you just had to know.
“Glorious old Wetzel! Whose sons are brave and daughters fair, and which today
produces gas enough to light the world, oil enough to lubricate it, and brains
enough to rule it.”
Things were so much different in the 1890's.


Anonymous said...

This will do little to help me being called names such as but not limited to "the lubricator" at work everyday...damn notre dame fans!

Johnny said...

Just send them this link