Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mirror Images of Disappointment


Not so much fun for either team this year. Big expectations and disappointing results. Both are 7-4. West Virginia has done fair inside the Big East, but a couple losses OOC that no one could imagine them losing before the beginning of the year. Surprisingly, South Florida has lost four of six against Big East teams.

Somehow, South Florida is first in total offense and second in total defense in the Big East. Their negative turnover margin explains a lot of how they lost this year as well as the second highest penalty yards per game.

West Virginia is only 6th in total offense and fifth in total defense. Their saving graces have been being first in turnover margin and middle of the pack in penalties. The defense has been better than expected. Especially being first in scoring defense.
Thanks to CFB Stats.

Part of the reason the Big East is being bashed this year is the failure of these teams to live up to expectations. I wish there was a nice way to say that, but there isn't. Pitt and Cincinnati have both improved. It would be respectable if those two teams were 3rd and 4th in the conference, but they are one and two.

The Game

For West Virginia to win, they absolutely have to be able to run the ball. It's going to be cold and most likely snowing Saturday night. The weather should be a huge advantage for the Mountaineers if they can run the ball and get on the board first. South Florida has fallen behind early in all their losses, and playing against a warm weather team in the cold is a good way to make them want to quit early if you jump on them and run the ball. Sorry about all the running of the ball stuff, but I just want to make sure understands where I'm coming from. I think USF is pretty much locked into the St. Pete bowl, so there really isn't anything to play for.

Hat's off to the Bulls for working with WVU for the whiteout.

Grothe will be back next year. Even though he is having his best year statistically, I never really have thought of him as NFL material. He's a great college quarterback, but I would think NFL teams would be weary of his improvising ways.

It should be an electric atmosphere for Pat White's last game. Unfortunately, the game is going to be on at the same time as the Big 12 championship game. So it won't get the national coverage you'd like to see for someone that means as much to WVU football as Pat does. Most of you, like me, don't care about that game as much as our own, though. So tune into ESPN2 about 8pm and try to imagine what Jack Fleming would put together for his pregame intro. Starting out in a docile tone going through all the awards White has gathered in his time at WVU. Slowly building towards climax as he gets down to the things that inspire. Like the games he put the team on his back and willed them to victory, how he came out of nowhere on that faithful night against Louisville in 2005 to take West Virginia to new heights....Sorry Tony Caridi, I'd like to hear what that would sound like.

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