Saturday, December 27, 2008

WVU-UNC 2nd Half Liveblogish

If anything, WVU has been a 2nd half team this year. That trend will need to continue, obviously! Let's see what White and the offense can do to start the second half, and what plan Casteel comes up with to stop Nicks.

9:30 WV moved the ball down the field with ease, but the drive stalled at the UNC 8. Pat McAfee makes the 25 yard field goal. White was sharp and even hit Tyler Urban for a couple first downs. The running game wasn't much help in the drive, though. That needs to change if we can hold UNC on their next drive. Time for some separation, Bill! 24-23 WVU

6:23 Nicks just made the sickest catch you are likely to see this bowl season, trapping the ball with one hand against his back and then bring it around his back to the other hand and running for the first down. I hate him!

4:29 Yates makes a great effort to stretch the ball over in the corner of the end zone to give UNC a 30-24 lead. He just made my hate book as well, considering he's the one throwing to Nicks most of the time.

3:13 The WVU drive stalled in UNC territory, and McAfee drops the ball on the two yard line. Let's see something, defense!

1:38 Wow, we got a huge break on 3rd and 10 when Little dropped a perfect pass that could have gone for a TD. UNC punts and the Mountaineers will take over at the WVU 48.

:42 Arlic Arnett fumbles after a catch and UNC takes over. The play is being reviewed, but I'm not sure he had the ball or not. At first glance you think he does, but a close up shows the ball bouncing around in his hand. But it was a fumble. UNC 30-24 at their own 41.

End of the Third

4th Quarter

14:17 WVU defense holds again and UNC has to punt. Jock Sanders muffed the punt near the goal line, and probably should have let it go. He barely made it out of the end zone and ended up at the 4 yard line.

9:01 The WV drive stalls at the WVU 44 and the Mountaineers call time out facing a 4th and inches. Work that magic, Bill! It's a bowl game, you're down 30-24 in a game that means more to the kids playing than any standings or other measurables. Let them win it!

Another reason to not listen to me as White is pulled down behind the line. When you can't move the ball a few inches, it might as well be a mile.

8:19 Fumble and the Mountaineers recover! Woot! UNC had moved into field goal range. Play under review. Looks like it came out before he was down...the play stands. And on the first play, White hits Sanders down to the UNC 30.

7:14 White hits Arnett for a 20 yard TD! Are you getting sick of the !!!!? WVU takes the lead back, 31-30.

4:24 On third and 10, John Holmes (sure to get me more google porn hits) makes the sack to force the punt. WV takes over and needs to run some clock and score if possible. But we must hold on to the ball!

3:27 It's third and about 5 for WV, and UNC is using their timeouts now. So we need to get a first down and the game is virtually over. But I mean that in a please don't jinx the team kind of way.

3:21 White is sacked again on a corner blitz and WVU will have to punt. Hopefully the punt coverage won't be as bad as the kickoff. We need UNC to have to go the entire field. Fair catch at the UNC 25, yippee!

1:53 Pat Lazear picks off the pass and hopefully secures the win for WVU!

Final WVU31 UNC 30

You sir, are awesome!!

332 yards passing (career high!), 3 TD's. 55 yards rushing. An awesome post game interview that I'm sure will make the Youtubes over the next few days. Thank you, Pat! Thank you!!

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