Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogpoll Final Ballot

Not a lot of changes from my original ballot. I had to work Iowa in there and get Northwestern out. I feel comfortable with the winner of the UF/OU game being the #1 team. Utah had a great season, but I just can't see them as the best team this year.

Southern Cal is a team I feel sorry for just a little, but they knew what they had to do at the beginning of the year considering they don't have a championship game and they didn't do it. More than anyone, Texas got screwed by not getting a shot at the Big 12 title game. Even though I ranked them below OU at the end of the season I've had a change of heart about what they did this season. They lost their only game by 1 second. One missed tackle. They didn't exactly prove they were deserving in their bowl game the way USC did. So that's how I came up with my top 5. The rest was just a matter of head to head and how I thought they would fair with everyone below them.

1 Florida --
2 Southern Cal 3
3 Texas --
4 Oklahoma 2
5 Utah 3
6 Alabama 2
7 Penn State 1
8 TCU 3
9 Ohio State 1
10 Oregon 10
11 Georgia 3
12 Boise State 3
13 Mississippi 11
14 Texas Tech 7
15 Oklahoma State --
16 Virginia Tech 5
17 Iowa 1
18 Missouri 5
19 Georgia Tech 6
20 Cincinnati 8
21 Michigan State 1
22 Oregon State 4
23 Brigham Young 4
24 Pittsburgh 7
25 West Virginia 1

Dropped Out: Northwestern (#16), Boston College (#25).

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