Friday, January 30, 2009

Going to Louisville

Yeah, that win over St. Johns was a nice exercise, but the game with Louisville tomorrow is big. BIG big!It's a chance for a true signature win. West Virginia has been hanging around the upper-middle of the Big East pack, but hasn't been able to break through against a conference leader.

The big problem with this game as I see it is Louisville's ability to pressure the ball full court. It's not something West Virginia has had to deal with too much this year. And with a short bench of ball handlers, this could be major trouble if the Mountaineers get into foul trouble. Secondly, Louisville has some size, but not nearly the size of Pitt. So we might be able to get some stops on defense and hopefully not give up the easy baskets in the paint. Third is Freedom Hall. We have to keep that place quiet. My last vision of that place was the overtime period against Notre Dame. If we let it get like that, the game is over.

A lot of things will have to go right for us to win this game. We'll have to play our best defense of the year and hope that Louisville doesn't. Stranger things have happened, though. I mean Louisville did lose to Western Kentucky.

Tip off is set for noon on a Big East Network channel near you.

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