Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Pitt Game

I think Dave Poe said it best, that Pitt was just the better team. For most of the game I didn't feel like West Virginia was doing anything wrong. Pitt had a size advantage in the paint that West Virginia just wasn't equipped to deal with. I also like that Dave worked in a Yes reference.

One of my favorite rock groups in my formative years -there I go dating myself -was Yes, who produced the album Yours Is No Disgrace.

That's an apt description of the 79-67 loss suffered by West Virginia University's basketball team on Sunday at the Coliseum against arch-rival Pitt.

It's no disgrace in athletics to give your best effort and lose to a clearly superior team, which is exactly what took place.

West Virginia can make up for that if they can force turnovers, but Pitt's guard play was up to the task. Pitt only turned the ball over nine times, and that one stat sealed the Mountaineers fate. There were some head scratching turnovers for the Mountaineers, but there were also some that were excellent plays by Pitt.

The good news is that we probably beat 98% of the teams in America with that effort. One game certainly doesn't kill your season. And yes, everything will be fine.

On an unrelated note, I've really enjoyed the time away from this blog. I'm not saying I'm going to hang it up. It's just going to be spotty.

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