Sunday, February 08, 2009

Alex Ruoff Would Like To Remind You Why You Should Guard Him

I think you can point to a lot of reasons why Alex Ruoff hasn't been as effective this year shooting three pointers. The Joe Mazzulla injury has forced him to take on more roles, being a senior and taking on more of a leadership role, people guarding him tighter, etc.

Even though Butler didn't have his best night shooting, I was happy to see that the offense was running through him early in the game. Because this left Ruoff open to do what he does best, and obviously Butler should be the focus of the offense. It's an offense that is still finding itself, though. With the development of Ebanks, Bryant, and Kevin Jones the offense is diversifying and the onus to score isn't solely on Ruoff and Butler. And hopefully that is going to benefit those two as the season plays out. As we saw yesterday, when you aren't guarding Ruoff he will kill you.

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