Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blogpoll Basketball Style

Wow, this is a lot tougher than the football poll. Especially when you have so many ranked teams falling over the weekend or being on the longest losing streak of the season.

Some general thoughts about the poll: It doesn't surprise me at all to see Michigan go into UConn and give them a game. Despite being so good, Oklahoma has seemed to sail under the radar. Maybe because the Big 12 is down. I'd love to put Duke lower, but I don't see how I can. Villanova is the big jumper on this poll. They've been hot lately, and all their four losses have been against quality opponents. Memphis probably deserved to move up further after the win at Gonzaga. After that, though, I think you have a group of teams that are fairly interchangeable.

Your thoughts in the comments. I believe we still have a window to make changes before the final poll. So change my mind.

1 Connecticut
2 North Carolina
3 Oklahoma
4 Pittsburgh
5 Louisville
6 Clemson
7 Duke
8 Villanova
9 Wake Forest
10 Marquette
11 Memphis
13 Butler
14 Michigan St.
15 Xavier
16 Kansas
17 Utah St.
18 Purdue
19 Washington
20 Illinois
21 Gonzaga
22 Arizona St.
23 Missouri
24 Davidson
25 Ohio St.

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