Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogpoll Explained

-UConn was a no brainer until last night, of course.

- UNC seems like a team with more intensity than Oklahoma, and the scoring comes from more than just three players. UNC has six players averaging in double figures where Oklahoma has three.

-Despite Louisville knocking off Pitt earlier in the year, I think Pitt's been hitting on all cylinders all year. Louisville has had some ups (Pitt) and downs (UNLV, Notre Dame).

-Memphis hasn't played the schedule that Wake or anyone else in the ACC. But they have gone outside of conference with some big games. Maybe I'm putting too much on that win at Gonzaga.

-Michigan St. is in the Big 10, but they've been on quite a tear since the loss to UNC. I don't know that they are better than Marquette, but you have to give some credit for winning.

-Moving Villanova below Clemson and Arizona St. was a mistake. I know better than anyone what can happen to a team in Morgantown. What they did before that game should have still been enough to keep them in the top 10.

-Outside of the top 10, I think it's all darts. Your bias comes into play a lot more. And with all the upsets last week, it's not a good time to be sure of anything. Leave your comments about anything you like or don't like as you'll have a chance to influence my poll next week and beyond.

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