Friday, February 26, 2010

How Can There Be A Jihad Without WVU?

Tongue firmly in cheek with that headline, but this is what I'm referring to. We certainly don't like DickRod, but knowing him, anything he does at Michigan was at least tried out in Morgantown. And don't lie, until he left WVU we were all for this guy that turned two and three star recruits into world beaters.

Personally, I doubt anything he has done at Michigan relating to spending more time than is allowed for football activities is more than bending the rules a bit. Seriously, he is no Barry Switzer.

If I was Michigan fan I would be happy to some extent that he is trying to do something to bring the program back to one of the top football programs in the country. He's the kind of guy that is going to do things to let everyone know who is in charge. To set the tone. The first year is usually the hardest. You see people leave the program, and you see him going after his type of player. It wasn't pretty at WVU and it hasn't been pretty at Michigan so far. But there's a huge difference between what is alleged at Michigan and say what is alleged at USC. I won't go as far as to try to prove something is OK by pointing out that something else is much worse. But it will be interesting to see what, if any, sanctions are handed out at both schools. If Michigan gets the same or worse sanctions than USC it might actually be time for a Jihad. A Jihad against the NCAA. Not that they haven't already done enough to deserve one.


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Wow...a post. Well, I won't make too big of deal about the abscence. I wouldn't want to scare
you away from posting ever again. Perhaps when RR gets his pink slip?

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Johnny said...

Sorry I've been gone, but that kind of hit me as something I wanted to talk about. Hopefully there will be more. With a basketball team that has been in the top ten most of the year, you'd think. Huh?

Thanks for the comment!