Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big East Tourney Day Two: The Electric Boogaloo Edition

Well, yesterday went pretty much as planned. These are the kind of things I can do with a case of beer and a dart board. Anyhow, if you thought yesterday's games were intense (they were), wait until you see what happens today.

First up is Georgetown and South Florida. Dominique Jones just missed his season average, but he didn't miss on some monster dunks. I don't know how impressive it is since I could dunk on DuPaul and I can't even dunk anymore. You get a sense that South Florida has gained some confidence from the way they ended the season and yesterday's results. Georgetown on the other hand probably doesn't feel confident in anything they are doing right now. Still, I think it's too much to ask of the Bulls to win this game. They may need it to get into the big dance, but they aren't used to playing important games. Georgetown is and they will find a way to win a close one.

Marquette vs. St. Johns: Thanks for playing SJU.

Seton Hall vs. Notre Dame: Seton Hall never seems like they are out of any game, but last night's game also shows that they are never actually in control of any game either. Notre Dame is very capable of controlling the tempo of a game like this and taking the Pirates out of their offense. This will be an ugly, physical game with the Irish moving on.

The nightcap will be a battle of wits between Punch Me Elmo and The Scarlet Pitino. Since Elmo has no wits to bring to the battle, I expect Louisville to win this one going away. We may not like Pitino, but we respect him. Elmo gets no such respect.


Anonymous said...

Score predictions for tonight's games:

Seton Hall 83

Notre Dame 86


Cincinnati 67

Louisville 75

Johnny said...

I can't do score predictions, but the prop bets are something I think I do well and might bring them to this blog in the near future.