Thursday, March 11, 2010

Punch Me Elmo Assumes The Position

It's early, too damn early. So this is the kind of photo-shopping you get. I was wrong about the winner of the UL-UC game, but the reason the Bearcats won wasn't because of Elmo. If he was any kind of coach, Sosa would have never made it across half court at the end of the game. UC just wanted it more, and the way they were shooting they had to. Because they couldn't hit anything but a dunk or a layup. Scarlet Pitino should have packed it in tight with a 2-3 zone.

Still, seven out of eight isn't bad predicting. St. Johns showed a lot more than I was expecting. Notre Dame did exactly what I expected, as well as Georgetown.

The good news is that I find it very hard to believe that UC will be able to be successful shooting the ball like that two nights in a row. They shouldn't be able to grab offensive rebounds like that against West Virginia. Also, I have to believe that someone from West Virginia would have the guts to step in front of Stephenson and take a charge. When the momentum switched last night it was because of Stephenson driving the lane and no one from Louisville wanted to move their feet and get in front of him.

The only thing running through my head at the moment is a vision of Elmo going ape-shit on the sidelines and getting a double technical called on him. It's a dream I have that I just can't get out of my mind. So I'm not going to worry about any predictions for the other games today. I'm obviously just concerned with a WVU win.

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