Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey! Big East Champs!

I wanted to hold off on this until I had something to say about it. I still don't. But in a good way. For this team, this year, despite the record there seemed to be a lot of close games and I was never quite sure they deserved the ranking they were getting. I would be lying if I told you that I haven't been a glass half empty guy through the snopocalypse of 2010. Luckily, I've kept that to myself.

I saw a tweet from another Big East blogger that said, "WVU beat the #11, 8, & 7 teams to win the BE tourney. Two locks and one bubble team. Take that every other conference." You have to see that as a positive. Sure we didn't get to play the higher ranked teams. But shit, those teams came to play all year long and I don't know that anyone else could have beat them given the way the top teams performed in the tourney. Other than the losses to Purdue and Syracuse I felt like we had a chance to win all those games after falling behind. WVU played one of the tougher schedules in the country this year. Certainly one of the toughest we've seen in a long time, and came out relatively unscathed. Having said that, I think we do deserve the ranking. Plus, Country Roads playing after the game was pretty awesome! It got better when I considered how painful it was for Pitt fans. Yeah, I'm thinking about the ones that bought tickets for the whole tournament.

And you knew this was going to happen...

Looking at our bracket, you can't be too disappointed.There's some chances there. I don't want to say anymore strictly out of concern for messing with the Basketball Gods. Anyhow, WOOOOOO!!


Anonymous said...

Everything came together at just the right time for that win.

1. They figured out their identity and played to their strengths.

2. They got key contributions from players like Mitchell and Wells who had previously been inconsistent.

3. Mazzulla's shoulder healed enough for him to make his free throws and Huggins didn't waste a half before putting him in the game.

4. The teams that we didn't match up well with lost before we had to face them.

5.Did I mention the free throw shooting?

6. And, of course, the vital last, big shot
of Butler to cap it all off once again.

A great win from a tough team that played their hearts out.

John Radcliff said...

You should have written this post. Hehehe!

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