Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Enough To Win Is Better Than Losing

I've done enough poo-pooing on Elmo to last a life time. So let's instead remember that on a day when the high seeds were going down left and right, West Virginia found a way to win. Maybe it's the two days off, or maybe it's the Moon's orbit. It doesn't really matter. Yesterday was a day for upsets, and the only rule on days like this is survive and advance.

Hopefully WVU got all the bad shots out of their system, because they won't win shooting like that against Notre Dame. And we can't expect the Irish to shoot as poorly as Cincinnati did last night. That was a third grade sandlot bad performance by the Bearcats. Why anyone plays anything but zone against that team is beyond me.

Anyway, these late games are going to be the death of me. Let's end this by giving it up for Da'Sean Butler and his savvy use of the backboard. Yeah, there are probably better videos out there of this moment. But there's something about this one we really like.

Update: It's not like we never beat UC with at bankshot 3 in the post season before.


Anonymous said...

Notrre Dame looks scary with their new half-court, slow-burn offense. Talk about turning a negative (Harangody injury) into
a positve (revamped, balanced offense).
I'll be really impressed if WVU can take care of business tonight.

John Radcliff said...

Hate to say it, but I'm having those same feelings. I just hope it's not the new spread offense so to speak. Because it would be horrible for cbb.

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