Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let's Dance

It's the most wonderful time of year for any college basketball fan. I love it and I think collge football could learn a lot from the way CBB crowns it's champion. Having said that, I have almost no interest in picking winners, brackets, etc. It's just not my bag, baby.

Having looked at Morgan State and what they did this year, I don't know how useful a statistical breakdown would be. I know there are people out there that do those sorts of things. God bless their little hearts, because I have no desire to get into it. But being in the tournament has to have some sort of special posting angle. And the best that I can come up with is to have a mini bracket of some of my favorite bands. You pick the band and I'll wrap each post around the title to  songs of the band you choose.

Your choices are:

Pink Floyd

Midnight Oil

The Replacements


Ovada-Who? This is my band and I think we have enough song titles that I could do three weeks of posts and have fun with the tournament.

Leave your choice in the comments below and we'll pick a winner.


John Radcliff said...

OK then, I got more votes over on Facebook. So we are going with the Replacements.

Huntington Beach Personal Trainer said...

This is interesting...
There is a big difference between college basketball and a real tournament