Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The win over UGA was huge, in case you missed the heading! It was a huge win because the team we beat is always a very good if not great team. When was the last time Georgia was not in the top 25? I couldn't tell you. Much like WVU, there was no quit in the Georgia players. Georgia is a class act, from the coach and players, all the way down to the fans. Talk about wearing it, this guy had the look!

It was an incredible feeling to see us go up by 28 in the first half! It was an all too familiar sick feeling seeing Georgia come back from that deficit. Our bowl record over the past 20 years has been bad. Most years I approached the bowl games hoping we could at least stay close and make a good showing. This bowl win helped to erase those feelings of dread.

Most of the posts that I have seen from Georgia bloggers have been respectful and they have congradulated us on a big win. I understand many feel that their team did not put on it's best performance. I'm sure that is true, but it is what it is. I don't think it takes away from the incredible season they had. The SEC is by far the best football conference in the country. Being the champion of that conference should mean something, despite the result of the bowl.

My two favorite Georgia bloggers are, Paul Westerdawg (Replacements fan? I am!) and I'm A Realist. Paul is just damn funny! I love his comments. I'm A Realist is just that. He seemed to see a lot more in WVU than I did. His comments on the last two blog polls of the year sum it up:

"10. West Virginia (10) - I think I'm the only person that thinks West Virginia is pretty good. Don't let the Big East Champion fool you. They'll come to play in the Sugar Bowl. - Blogpoll v.1.14"

"9. West Virginia (10) - This is a dangerous team. Every time that I've seen them play, I've come away impressed. - Blogpoll v.1.15"

I hope I have the time someday to make my blog on par with these two.

Way to go Mountaineers! The people of WV needed this, especially with the news that came out of Upshire County today. Thoughts a prayers to the families of the miners.


Anonymous said...


It was a huge win! So, the Big East is 1-3 this year :(

Congrats on a great season!


Anonymous said...

You're a classy person that pulls for one heck of a football team!

paulwesterdawg said...

Thanks for the kind words!