Sunday, January 08, 2006

Smoke and Mirrors, 91-87

Villanova was the same team that beat WVU by 38 in the regular season last year. They seemed well on their way to doing that again this year. All the things you look for from a team like Villanova, slam dunks, blocked shots, and shooting the lights out from 3-point range, were happening in this game. Plenty of offensive rebounds too. So, how does WVU do it? I don't believe in the title I put up there, but it is my point. The genius of John Beline is that he gets his team to focus on getting turnovers, and not turning the ball over. WVU had 9 turnovers compared to Villanova's 22. Because of this, WVU doesn't have to focus on rebounds so much, and when you watch WVU, you shouldn't either. You should focus more on how WVU moves without the ball. When they are on defense, watch how the players away from the ball move.
This was another big win for WVU that should look really good come tournament time. Beating two top 10 teams on the road is very impressive. The Big East if going to be tough from top to bottom this year. A .500 record in conference could be good enough to get you into the tournament this year.

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Good job against 'Nova!