Sunday, May 14, 2006

Obligatory Rainy Sunday Afternoon Post

Sitting here looking out the window at local village idiots, Pete and Repeat (they're twins) walk down to the park, I can't help but at least make an attempt at a post.

And in a surprise move, I'm going to talk about our latest commitments, and one player leaving the team. Redshirt freshman quarterback TJ Mitchell has left the team, and has transferred to Hampton University. Looking at the commitments, it's not hard to understand why he is leaving. Two quarterbacks and two running backs. If you factor in the depth already at quarterback, it was possible that Mitchell would would never see any meaningful time on the field. And he is just to good for that. He'll have a chance to have a full career at Hampton, and we wish him well.

As I mentioned earlier, we have two new quarterbacks: Bradley Starks from Orange Co. HS in Orange, VA and Charlie Russell from Morgantown HS. Strange they don't have Starks listed on the page for Charlie Russell. Also odd is that they have DB Darryl Robinson listed on there.
He de-committed a few days ago. He has left the door open to coming to WV, but I guess he felt that he should wait a little longer before making a decision. I guess that's better than waiting until the last minute.
The running backs, Terence Kerns from Thomas Johnson HS in Frederick, MD and Victor Anderson from St. Xavier HS in Louisville, both look to be good, and fast. Victor Anderson made the 1st team all-state last year, and Kerns accounted for 3,000 all-purpose yards last year while splitting time at runningback with Bobby Humphries (News-Post Player of the Year).
Now, let's hear it for some offensive and defensive linemen!

Pete and Repeat are still trying to cross the road, and it stopped raining.

With that in mind, here is a link to the Monty Python skit The Twit Olympics.

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