Thursday, May 11, 2006

Amen Brother

Paul over at Georgia Sports has a good bit on the toils of blogging this time of year. Most of the best pieces have to do with coaches or athletes getting in trouble this time of year. This dilemma is only compounded for me, being that coach Rod's players know if they screw up, he will either A. Give them a one way ticket to the dog house (no passing go or collecting $200), B. Take away their scholarship, C. Go postal on them, or D. All of the above. But, thank God for Marshall. My personal thoughts on playing Marshall is that we could do a lot better. I'm a little ticked that we are more or less being forced to play them. There just isn't anything to gain from playing them. If we win, we were supposed to. And if we lose, well, we won't talk about hypothetical situations.
I just had a great fucking idea, why not schedule a series with Virginia, Kentucky, or tOSU. Now that would generate some regional excitement. Two out of those three schools are almost always in or near the top 25. Hell, I would love to start playing Penn St. again! We lost a lot more than we won, but you don't get any better by playing also rans. My big fear is that we will have the same kind of success as Kansas St., and play a similar schedule. We do have a series coming up in a couple years with Auburn that I can't wait for! Win or lose, playing games in that part of the country can only help with recruiting.

See? I can't even stay on subject for one paragraph.
Please, football season, get here soon! We miss you!


Ian said...

After the Tire Bowl, I'm not sure WVU and UVA could get along well enough to get a home-and-home. I'd love to see it, frankly. At least moreso than the one we have with Pitt. I didn't like watching Groh go up against Wanny when it was Jets/Fins, and I can't imagine it being very compelling in 2006. Shrug.

Johnny said...

That was a monumental ass kicking you laid on us. As far as the pep band thing goes, I thought that was their job, so to say. I didn't actually see the performance, but at some point you need to be able to laugh at yourself.
It's an absolute must for us to upgrade our scheduling. No one will take us seriously until we do.
Thanks for stopping by Ian!