Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why College Football Kicks the NFL's Ass

Any chance of me doing a wrap-up of games of national interest in College football just got shot out of the sky by Orson. Ah, no reason to mess with that. Perfection is a thing of beauty.

-FSU, you cannot run the ball; give up and turn Drew Weatherford into the next David Klingler, since you will never convince Bobby Bowden his son is an unqualified amateur with an unhealthy fixation on the jump ball. No amount of scantily clad catcher's mitts cheering in the stands will change that.
-Tennessee, you may count on nothing except the continued possession of Erick Ainge's body by the spirit of a long-dead great quarterback. John Chavis lamented that the reason Air Force ran for nearly 300 yards on the Vols was that the Vol defenders were "too fast." If this equation holds, Chris Leak may resemble the second coming of Major Harris next week. (Don't worry, it won't.)
So anyway, there were a ton of good games on yesterday in college football. I didn't even mind/care that WVU wasn't on. I started out by switching between Auburn/Miss St., Missouri/Ole Miss, Va. Tech/UNC, and Rutgers/Illinois. All four of those games were more interesting than anything the Rust Belt had to offer. I swear, if the Steelers aren't on, I would almost prefer death by strangulation. So, with that said, here are my reasons why King Kong ain't got shit on College football.

Joe Buck calls Pro Football and Gary Thorn calls College Football. Advantage College Football.

If you don't like the NFL game that is on you might find another. If you don't like the College game that is on there are about 10 others on to choose from. Advantage College Football.

NFL games are dumbed down in an effort to attract people that don't know anything about football. College football is a spectacle that needs no introduction. The passion of the players and fans conveys all that is not apparent. Advantage College Football.

The NFL is corrupted by money. College Football retains the purity of the game despite being corrupted by money. Yeah, push.

People like Myron Cope are disappearing from Pro Football. People like Myron Cope are all over College Football. Advantage College Football.

Pro Teams throw tons of money around only to finish .500 or worse. College teams throw around tons of money only to win National Championships and have a good time. Advantage College Football.

There you have it. The final tally, Every Day Should Be Saturday, and Sunday should be a day of rest.

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