Monday, October 16, 2006

BlogPoll Roundtable 2.4: We Like Bruce

Hat's off to Brian at MGoBlog for administering the BlogPoll. I don't think I link back to him often enough. And after reading the Roundtable this week, brought to us by MOOS (my opinion on sports), I thought it was high time throw a little love around. It's always an entertaining discussion with all the wit and comedy that the BlogPoll bloggers bring.

The reason I bring up Bruce is for ESPN writer Bruce Feldman chiming in on the roundtable. I've said several times that he is by far the coolest MSM writer out there. I've stated several reasons before, like doing Q&A's with members of the BlogPoll, in person interviews, and now joining the roundtable discussion. Also, I sent out a note to several MSM reporters about the America's Greatest Fan documentary. Out of all that I wrote to, Bruce was the only one to get back to me. Being the cool guy that he is, he already knew about the documentary and had met Tony.

Now on to the roundtable:

1. Which coaches are clearly on the hot seat at this point? Who is surprisingly not?

I thought Chuck Amato was off, but clearly that is not the case. There has to be more to life than beating Florida State.

John L. (smack my ass and call me Charlie) Smith is clearly on the hot seat. You just don't lose games like that and keep your job. I think he's already out the door. While Chuck might be able to come up with another miracle and keep his job, John L. is just SOL. There is nothing he can do to save this season or his job.

I think Croom has another year at least before he is in trouble. I watched one of his recruits in a high school game while I was in Mississippi, and he ran for 350+ yards. So, the future looks bright. I think State fans understand that no one was going to come in and turn that thing around on a dime.

I wonder what is going to happen with Pat Hill from Fresno? He might not get fired, but he sure isn't going to get too many job offers with the way they are playing this year. He was probably looking at a decen
t offer from a Pac 10 team somewhere down the line. Now I'm not sure anyone wants to touch him.So that's a hot seat all to itself.

2. Pick three of the undefeated teams and state your case as to why they won't run the table.

Rutgers- I have a ton of respect for what Schiano has done at Rutgers. I hope he sticks around for a while. However, I don't think they are in the same league as Louisville and West Virginia just yet. With their recent success, they might start to keep more of the in-state tallent, then we are all in trouble.

USC- If you dance with the devil, sooner or later you are going to get burned. They just haven't looked impressive since Arkansas. Now if they looked like her, we'd put them at number one no matter what the record!

Boise State- I didn't think they looked that impressive against New Mexico State last night. They looked great against Oregon State. I think someone is going to jump up and knock them off before the season is over.

3. Which conference is playing the best football right now?

I agree with the thought that the SEC is playing the best ball as a confernece, but the Big Ten has the two best teams at the moment. I would rather point and laugh at the ACC, though. Outside of Ga. Tech., Clemson, BC, and Wake, that conference is in a shambles. Over the long haul, they will probably turn it around, but it is fun to watch at the moment.

4. Which team is playing above and beyond your expectations this season?

Easily Michigan! I thought they would be much better than last year, but I didn't think I would be this impressed with them. That defense is scary, and the offense has the ability to light you up!

Runner up-Rutgers. I'm probably not as surprised as some, but I would not have bet a dime that they would be undefeated at this point in the season.

5. Which team is crashing and burning in regards to your expectations?

How bout a whole list of teams I had ranked at the beginning of the year that I don't have ranked now. The most disappointing of those teams is Iowa for me. Then again, I couldn't be happier about having Miami ranked number nine and looking at where they are now. Fresno State is just embarrassing! I shant fear the goatee for as long as I live.

6. Is your pre-season BCS championship game prediction still alive?

I don't remember picking two teams to be in the championship, but looking at my pre-season poll, I must have been thinking Texas-USC, if only to see Mathew McConaughey jumping around stoned off his ass again. Now imagine getting Will Ferrell dressed up like the cow bell guy jumping around beside Mathew and you've got a spectacle. It would be real sweat to see WVU in there. I can't wait for November 2nd to get here!

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