Monday, October 09, 2006

Game Pictures

I posted a page of pictures from the Mississippi State game. I'm the one with the blue WV cap on. One thing is for sure, southern cooking and me agree! Just under two months to get back in fighting shape before the holiday season and gaining that weight back. Hats off to Jennifer and Steve for suiting up in Mountaineer shirts. If you notice the white around the edges of their shirts, they had to wear Ole Miss shirts underneath for fear of jinxing the Rebels. What a great time! Thank you both!


knee_bone said...

Great Pics!

I've heard that Oxford is a pretty good town.

I also notice from your pics that you saw dick man there. I swear I see that guy at every WVU game I attend. He is an institution.

Johnny said...

Dick Man, hehehehe! Is that what Big Cat has under his apron? I've seen him pull his apron up, but never paid attention. I always thought he might have a quote for the opposing team.

He's going to be in "America's Greatest Fan". I think Tony said he spent about 8 days with Big Cat. I can't wait for that documentary!