Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gator Bowl Countdown

Sweet Jesus it's almost here! The final game of the season for West Virginia and I have been more than a little absent here at the Mountainlair. Not that I haven't been covering this over at the Fanhouse, but shit I need a little something up over here. Just to keep your interest. And no, I am not going to talk about West Virginia bombing Maryland-Eastern Shore tonight in Basketball. If ESPN doesn't keep a running box score during the game, then it's not really what I want to discuss. Although we tip our hat to the team winning 10 of their first 11 games.

OK, back to the Gator Bowl.

-West Virginia has sold out their allotment of tickets to the game and could have somewhere close to 25k fans at the game. Which would more or less make it a home game for the Mountaineers. I'm sure quite a few more GT fans live in the area than WVU fans, but Georgia Tech has not requested any more tickets that what they were originally given. While West Virginia has requested and extra 3,000.

-The Mountaineers are banged up, but getting better.

-Most of the talk has been about Calvin Johnson and the dismissal of two of the Yellow Jackets starters, Reggie Ball and Kenny Scott. But not much has been made of Tashard Choice. I think he is the real threat to the Mountaineers. He lead the ACC in rushing with very little recognition this year. Depending on the health of Slaton, the Jacket defense could pose some real problems as well. Even with a healthy Slaton, Tech finished the season ranked 11th against the run, and should pose some problems. However, they were ranked 62nd against the pass, allowing about 200 yards a game. Play action baby! First play should be the bomb, or something intermediate. West Virginia is going to have to find a way to keep the Tech defense off balance until they can get into a rhythm.

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