Thursday, December 28, 2006

ITB Bowl Pick 'em Contest Update

Discounting anything that has happened today, I'm currently tied for first place in the Bowl Pick 'em over at In the Bleachers. If I can say anything, I can say that I am real good at guessing. Which is basically what I did in the first nine bowls. I had not watched most of those first 18 teams this year. I used an ITB favorite and went with the mascot death matches. Some people like to flip a coin. I like to imagine mascot's in a struggle for life and death.

Marshall vs. Buffalo?

Here's the standings after nine bowls:

Dr Sak 6-3
Mountainlair 6-3
Brian from College Football Resource 6-3
Husker Mike 6-3
Charlie 5-4
Ron 5-4
Mrs Cornnation 5-4
Mr Cornnation 4-5
Otto 3-6

The real draw here is the breakdown of all the bowl games by Dr. Sak. Well, and me in first place!! Woop! Woop!

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