Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Week 1 Blogpoll

Sorry this is coming out so late, but I had other things to attend to. You are always welcome to leave a comment and let me know if you think someone needs to be moved up or down. I have until 10 am Wednesday to make any adjustment. My rational below the top 25.

1Southern Cal--
2Wisconsin 3
3Oklahoma 3
4LSU 2
5Texas 2
6Florida 2
7Louisville 2
8West Virginia 2
9Virginia Tech 2
10Georgia Tech 1
11California 4
12Georgia 1
13Penn State 1
14Rutgers 7
15Nebraska 2
16UCLA 2
17Ohio State 2
18Arkansas 4
19Auburn 3
20Michigan 16
21Boston College 2
22Clemson 4
23Tennessee 3

Dropped Out: Florida State (#14).

Most of the top 10 moved up or down depending on how they did against their patsy. Georgia Tech should probably move up more spots for the win over ND, but I just can't see a team above them that I'm sure they could beat.

11. Cal- Very impressive win against a non-patsy to open the season. Likewise, I can't move Tennessee too far down for losing that game.

12. Georgia also came through with a big opening weekend win. I was sure the score would be much closer between these two teams.

14. Rutgers moves up seven spots just for doing exactly what they were supposed to do.

19. Auburn drops three spots for pulling one out of their ass. I didn't get to see the game, but I listened to it on the way home from Morgantown, and it didn't sound like they could do much of anything against K State's defense.

20. Michigan- I refuse to believe that they are not a top 20 team. There is just way too much talent on that offense not to be in the top twenty. I expect them to bounce back this weekend and let the healing begin.

22. Clemson- Thanks for pointing out to me that coaches can't suit up and play. Man, was Rick Trickett pissed or what? I would have thought he could do something with all those great o-line recruits.

The rest are the rest just because.

Games I watched:
LSU-Miss. St.
Clemson-Fla. St.

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