Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Yes, We Do Have Guns...It's America

I can't count the number of times that Rich Rodriguez cut off a line of questioning he didn't want to address while at WV. And having said that, I wonder why he says he's ready to move on but can't quit taking jabs at WV.

But, he added, it's nothing compared to West Virginia because, "There are more
than ['wanted'] posters [with my face on them]. They sell a lot of guns in that

I've yet to see these wanted posters. I'm sure they exist, at least in someones mind, but it's not as if they're posted at every entrance into the state. And sure we have guns. There's a lot of hunting that goes on in these hills. But what we also have is a fairly low murder rate. The simple truth is that while a lot of people in this state might hate you, there's very few if any that actually want to inflict physical harm on you, Rich. You did great things while you were here, and no one can deny that. But if this thing is going to die out, it's going to have to start with you. I may not be helping things move along with this post, but I don't think I've been the typical antagonist WV fan in all this either.

I have no problem seeing that things were screwed up in the administration and athletic department. And I'm sure that had at least something to do with you leaving. But don't ever forget that you brought this on yourself when you promised that you would be here for a long time. Until you accept responsibility for your words and actions, nothing is going to change.


MountainLaurel said...

I feel so much better now that he's in a safer place like Michigan where they don't sell many guns. I'm sure he's much safer in a place like Detroit. Wait a minute....

Johnny said...

I was thinking along the lines of the Michigan Militia (http://www.michiganmilitia.com/), but Detroit is just as good.