Friday, September 05, 2008

Pirate Pants Party

Woo Hoo! Or no pants. Actually, no pants much better. Can I show you my Jolly Rodger?

First off, ECU has quite a few injuries coming into this game. West Virginia only has Reed Williams listed. If he doesn't get in this game or the Colorado game, he needs to redshirt. I wish he was out there playing. We could use all the experience we can get out there on D. But it might be a blessing to have him around next year.

Nice to see Morty Ivy getting some face time with the interviews. Not taking ECU lightly. I'd really be worried if anyone did. A bit of a surprise to know that ESPN announcer, Mike Patrick, is from Clarksburg.

High praise from Skip Holtz on Pat White- "I've seen him, on this field, get hit on our sideline and wondering if he was going to get back up. But he's the first one up and he's tossing the ball to the defender with an attitude like I'll be back in a minute. It's almost deflating because he is such a great competitor, and he's so physically and mentally tough to go along with all his physical skills. That's why they've won and without speaking for them, they've had unprecedented success over a five-year period or three-year period with what he has done for that program. That's why they can line up against a lot of these BCS teams and do what they do."

OK, enough linky stuff. West Virginia is going to have to try to control the clock a little better on offense and give the defense a little time in between series. It's hard to get a good read on the ECU pass defense because Sean Glennon doesn't make you perform anywhere near your potential. Same goes for the ECU run defense. But I have to think West Virginia is going to be more committed to the run this week. Although if they have to win with Pat White throwing the ball, then so what. I really don't care because a win is a win.

I will be on FanHouse all day tomorrow live blogging all the days action. It's a chat and a live blog! Drinking and driving the Internet the best I can.

update that has nothing to do with anything other than seeing a MST3K clip on Card Chronicle that reminded me how much I enjoyed that show. So here's another...

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