Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Because There is a Reason We Don't Have Fuck Syracuse Shirts

As far as rivalries go, the Syracuse game has always taken a back seat to Pitt, Penn St., and Virginia Tech. Now, with the new Big East there's still Pitt. But teams like South Florida and Louisville have come in with silly little things like the ability to win games that have helped them to leapfrog Syracuse in the list of most hated.

There was a time, though, that Syracuse drew the ire of West Virginia fans. But that was mostly due to poor officiating rather than anything Syracuse was able to do on the field. I was at that game, and had an all too good view of the action. It's amazing that so many Syracuse players were involved and yet able to miss on all but one of their punches. They had a lot of "want to", but they just couldn't connect. A harbinger of things to come, I suppose. But they don't kick you out of games for failing to connect, apparently. So several West Virginia players were kicked out of the game, and one third string lineman in street clothes was kicked out for the Orange.

We gave a lot to Syracuse. The coach, Ben Schwartzwalder, that gave them their only national championship. What have we got in return? Tony Caridi, Jason Colson, and an easy W on the schedule.

The beginning of something beautiful, the 2005 WVU-Syracuse game. Soak it in, there were more Cuse fans at that game than all the combined games since.


The Glaude said...

Mostly trying to give the natives something to care about this weekend (even if defeat is a mortal certainty).

Plus, Georgetown deserves a little break due to the rampant shitting occurring on their campus.

Johnny said...

Hehehe, we've missed you Matt.

The Glaude said...

Needed a break.

I'm in semi-blogging retirement; no more disseminating opinions based on truth.

The time for fabrication is here as the twilight of my career is upon us.

Johnny said...

I understand. I'm probably not far behind you. I'm thinking it's time to record some real songs, and it's gotten to the point that it's going to be one or the other that goes.