Friday, November 07, 2008

Natty Lite

Ugh, time still sucks. I wish I was the guy in Cashback. Then I could tell you that there are a lot of crappy links not worth talking about as far as the WVU-Cincy game is concerned. Hey wait....never mind.

Anyhow, Texas lineman did a bad, stupid thing on his facebook page.

Les Miles didn't really mean it when he called Nick Saban the devil. I guess kind of like Saban didn't really call LSU fans coon asses.

Justin Boren still kind of holds a grudge against Rich Rodriguez. Don't we all?

Ryan Leaf is a failboat captain. Always and forever....

Al Davis, not satisfied with running one college football coach off, is looking to hire Jim Harbaugh. I would like you to stay away from one of the more quotable college football coaches, Mr. Davis! Things are much more fun with him at Stanford.


movie fan said...

it seems like people assume Ryan Leaf is going to screw up before it actually happens... but i guess this is mostly his own doing

Johnny said...

Being a Charger fan, I just can't find it in my heart to feel bad for him.